Terms and Conditions

Updated June 1, 2021

Terms for Membership, Biling, and Additional Conditions

Terms; Continuous Membership; Billing:
The initial term of a Membership shall commence on the date it is purchased and continue until one year from the date in which the Membership was purchased. Each Membership will automatically renew (therein referred to as a "Renewal Membership") each month or year for additional monthly or annual periods (referred to as "Continuous Membership") unless (i) you notify Member Services in writing, of your decision to cancel your Membership within 30 days of your renewal date; or (ii) we terminate your Membership..  If you have a coupon code, you will receive a special rate.  

Renewal Membership fees will be billed monthly and automatically to the credit card or other payment method we currently have on file, in the amount of the then current Membership fee on or around the day in which your current Membership or Renewal Membership term expires.

Cancellation: By You.
You have the right to cancel your subscription at any time.  When you cancel your subscription, you will not be billed for the following month, but your current month will not be refunded.  Here's an example:  If you cancel 1 day after your renewal for the current month, then you will not pay for the next month, but you will not receive a refund for what you paid for your renewal month.  You will get to keep using your membership for the remainder of the month for which you paid.

Cancellation: Termination.
(a) You have the right to cancel your Membership at any time. Because of the nature of our service, no refunds will be available.

(b) ClubMembers.net reserves the right to cancel or suspend, including any associated accounts, without notice, for any reason in our sole discretion, including without limitation our belief that continued use of such Membership would violate any provisions of this TOS, applicable law, or otherwise be harmful to our interests. If the Club Member Network cancels your Membership,  Club Member Network may, at its sole discretion, refund the balance of the annual membership fee on a time apportionment basis. (c) We may terminate any or all of the benefits available to Members at any time with or without notice. No refunds will be available. (d) Upon cancellation of Membership, you are relinquishing your current monthly or annual Membership rate and understand you will not be able to rejoin at a later time at that rate. You will also be relinquishing any current or ongoing benefits you were enrolled in as a Member. Membership Fee, this is defined as the amount that you pay to be a member. Your Annual or Monthly Membership fee is subject to taxation in accordance with applicable federal or state law. The annual Membership fee does not include applicable taxes. We may change the Membership fee at any time, but changes will apply only to new and renewal Memberships. The Membership fee is not refundable.  You will be notified at least 30 days prior to any change in fees. 

If membership is approved, full billing of the Fee and will commence immediately and continue until cancelled by you. If Membership is denied, there will be no charges.