Animal Business Club

The association for petting zoos, pony rides, goat yoga and other animal businesses.

Owners, employees, and independent contractors can join.

Have you been looking for a petting zoo association, pony ride association or goat yoga association to join?  Then you have come to the right place.

Business and Personal Perks  

Have you ever heard someone say that they got a discount on something because they work for a huge company? We sure have, and that’s why we created this association. Whether you have a petting zoo, pony ride business, goat yoga business, or other type of business in the animal industry, joining is for you. 


When you join, you’re going to have access to so many discounts and promotions, you’ll wonder how you did things without it.  Just using a few discounts like the cellular phone promotions, discounts restaurants, or online shopping links with built in specials, it can pay for itself.

There are over 10,000 perks included with your membership.

The portal is where you will access numerous discounts, such as rental cars, gym memberships, eyeglass and contact lens discounts, movie tickets, them park tickets, automotive services, restaurant discounts and more.  Stop paying full price and sign up today.


You can access the member portal from your computer, table, or phone.

Business resources included

You get access to all of these business resources.

  • Tips to Grow Your Business

    Sample social media postings and images can be downloaded.

  • Downloadable Marketing Material

    Brochures and flyers are available in the documents section.

  • Learn About Business

    Articles on protecting your business and other tips are included.

Are you getting the most out of your animal business?

You're passionate about animals and we want to see you succeed

Get New Ideas for Your Business

Get Money Saving Perks

You trim fur, so why not trim expenses too?

That was our attempt at a pun, but we know that you got the idea.

petting zoo pig

There are over 10,000 perks included when you join.

There are over 10,000 perks, discounts, and services that members get.  

petting zoo rooster

Still deciding? At a few dollars a month, it's an easy decision.

We want you to enjoy the perks, that's why we make it so affordable.

petting zoo chicks

Affinity discounts for members.

Members get discounts from various companies and programs

What are the benefits of joining?

You get everything below, and more.

Brochure Templates

Members get access to marketing flyers and other forms you that you can use in your business as a groomer or other pet industry professional.

Savings Cover Your Dues

We make our association so affordable that you can make up your membership dues by just using one member discount.

Boost Your Reputation

Members can place a membership logo on your website to let clients know you're serious  about business.

Stay Informed

Members get the newsletters with updates discounts and specials for members.

Keep Learning

We don't know everything, but we can strive to always improve by learning more

Printable Coupons & Tickets

Many discounts are available on your phone, but also in printable form. 

Member Perks, Discounts, Benefits

Below are some of the categories when members can save money.

Attractions and Tours

Dinner Theaters
Ski Resorts
Tours & Sightseeing
Water Parks & Theme Parks
Zoos & Aquariums


Auto Loans
Maintenance & Repair
New & Used Cars
Roadside Assistance

Cellular Phones
Existing Accounts
New Accounts
T Mobile


Concerts & Events
Arts and Theater
Concert Tickets


Cable Television
Cameras & Photography
Gadgets & TVs & Home Theater


Unique Experiences
Action & Adventure
Body & Soul
Life & Culture
Water & Snow

Fashion and Beauty

Hair & Skin & Spa


Gifts & Flowers
Personalized Gifts
Traditional Gifts


Health & Wellness
Athletic Clubs
Dental & Vision
Exercise & Fitness
Glasses & Contacts
Personal Training
Wellness & Nutrition


Insurance Center

General Liability Insurance

Health Programs
Identity Theft
Pet Insurance


Movie Tickets
Physical Tickets


Purchasing Programs

Restaurants & Coffee Shops
Dining Coupons
Gift Certificates and eGift Cards


Airport Parking
Car Rentals
Vacation Packages


Lifestyle and Business

Activities & Games
Babies & Kids
Banking & Taxes
Bed & Bath
Books & Magazines
Child Care
Cleaning & Care
Custom Printing
Education Higher Learning
Financial Services
Food & Grocery
Garden & Patio
General Merchandise
Grocery Coupons
Home Improvement
Kitchen & Decor
Legal Services
Moving & Storage
Music & DVDs
Office Supplies
Pet Care
Photo Printing & Sharing
Professional Services
Real Estate
Safety & Security
Senior Care Services
Sporting Goods
Warehouse Club


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